‘Powder Keg’ – A True Pyro Puzzle!

Simon from ‘Threedy’ (the guys that made my 3D printer) gave me a small wooden barrel that used to have coffee in (he’d drunk the coffee) and knowing my interest in all thing explosive/pyrotechnic, he said that I should turn it into a gunpowder barrel.

Having blackened the outside and put copper banding around the barrel (non-sparking – steel is not a good idea for gunpowder containers!), I received an invite to a puzzle gathering over Easter, which was laden with pyrotechnic puns, so I decided to turn the barrel into a rather unique sequential discovery puzzle.

Check out the video below to see just how unique the final move for opening the puzzle is!

‘Powder Keg’ is a one off, so it is not for sale (once you’ve seen the video you’ll appreciate why I couldn’t get away with selling such things).

Enjoy.Powder Keg

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