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The second of my ‘Nutty Bolt’ designs.

As with the first, the object is to remove both of the nuts and the washer from the bolt – Simple!

I was inspired by a Puzzle Bolt designed by Ali Morris and I’ve actually used the same M20 x 90 basic bolt that he utilised.  Ali occasionally has copies of his bolt available on www.PuzzleParadise.net, so if you want a Morris Bolt do keep an eye on that site.

Having been suitably puzzled by Ali’s design I decided to have a go at designing my own, this lead to me making five prototype designs myself by hand and I am know refining the designs and having them produced by CNC machines.

I plan to make as many ‘Nutty Bolts’ as there is demand for, so if zero stock is shown and you want one or more, just e-mail me:moC.s1580279679elzzu1580279679PoryP1580279679@tcat1580279679noC1580279679 

Once I have enough interest for a new batch, I will get them made and let you know when they are available.   

The trick I’ve used for ‘Nutty Bolt No. 2’ has similarities to ‘Nutty Bolt No.1’ and some other puzzles, but it does have distinctions that make it a unique solve (do correct me if this is wrong).

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