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Puzzle Hunt #1 Solved

Puzzle Hunt #1 Solved

The first Pyro Puzzles Hunt was solved and the prize claimed by Matt B. who came and visited Pyro Puzzles HQ to pick up his prize in person:

Steve (in glasses) hands Matt B the prize for solving Puzzle Hunt #1. 

Matt has promised a write-up of his adventure in solving the clue and unearthing the treasure token from its hiding place in a planter outside the Cat & Fiddle pub in the Peak District of England.

In the meantime here is a brief description of how the clue was designed to be solved:

The clue had part of a QR code in each corner, cutting and pasting these together would lead you to the Buxton Water website (, which gave the general area for the hunt.

Translating the alchemical symbols gave an odd sounding clue:

“High above your drink in Derbyshire

dirt light euonymus doubloon

inbetween drains dig lightly edge”

The first part of this “High above your drink in Derbyshire” was designed to make hunters look high above Buxton i.e. in the hills of the Peak District.

The second part “dirt light euonymus doubloon” indicates that the token (doubloon) was buried (dirt) near a light coloured euonymus plant.

The last part “inbetween drains dig lightly edge” showed that this location was between two drains (drainpipes) and had a shallow burial near an edge.

These would help pinpoint the burial site, once a more accurate general location had been identified. This information hidden as an acrostic formed by the first letter of each word in the clue:

High Above Your Drink In Derbyshire Dirt Light Euonymus Doubloon Inbetween Drains Dig Lightly Edge”

Which gave Hay Diddle Diddleto identify the Cat & Fiddle pub when the hunters examined the areas above Buxton while thinking about the nursery rhyme where the cow jumped over the moon.

Armed with the above the treasure token should have been easy to find, but it still took hunters about seven months to figure it out!

Mike Ranshaw (a member of The Armchair Treasure Hunt Club) should also get a mention and congratulations, as he too solved the hunt, but Matt beat him to the recovery of the treasure token by just a day. 

A new hunt will be published in the Pyro Puzzles members area shortly - so keep an eye out for it.