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Diabolical Dice

Diabolical Dice

A few years back I had a brief play with a puzzle created by Simon Nightingale called 'Great Escape' where you dropped four steel ball bearings into a central hole of a small cube and then had to extract them (they wouldn't come out the way they went in).

I've taken Simon's 'Great Escape' as my inspiration for a series of large dice like puzzles (70mm cubes) that I'm referring to generically as 'Diabolical Dice', where you drop a single ball bearing in, though one of the holes in the dice and then have to figure out how to extract it.

I've created the first two designs and have done a few different 3D print runs to produce prototypes (see picture).  These first two designs see the ball bearing entering at the single hole on side 'one' of the dice, you then have to navigate via a maze that is partially visible, via every other dot on the surface of the dice, before the ball eventually comes out.

The other variations I have in mind for this theme will be different, with cunning devices/mazes to challenge you.

I'm going to use my 3D printer to produce these.  However, as filament deposition printing can lead to undulations on the surfaces of the print, I'm considering selling two different quality variations.

The first would be the standard edition, which would be printed, assembled and have the name/logo laser engraved on the 'one' face.  As the finish will be 'rough' I'm planning on selling these for £35 plus VAT (£42 inc. VAT).

The deluxe edition would cost a bit more as it will take several hours more work to finish each one; the laser engraving will be in-filled with a contrasting colour and all the faces will be sanded flat, before it get treated in an acetone vapour chamber to make the finish smooth and glossy.  The deluxe edition will also come in a faux leather presentation box and will cost £60 plus VAT (£72 inc. VAT).

Do let me know if you'd be interested in any of these, standard or deluxe editions via Steve@PyroPuzzles.Com and I'll get a few printed and add them to the puzzle products page, so they can be purchased.