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So you’re having trouble decoding the cryptic clues for the ‘Fire’ Puzzle.  If it was easy it wouldn’t be any fun now would it?

You could pay and download the cypher key, but I don’t want you to do that!

I consider downloading the clues to be cheating, that’s why I’ve made it so expensive.


The most common letter in English is usually the letter ‘E’, the next most common is usually ‘T’ followed by ‘A’, ‘O’, ‘I’ and ‘N’.

So, if you work out which symbol occurs the most in a clue and then replace it with ‘E’, then the second most common with ‘T’, etc. you should start to see word patterns appearing, which allow you to guess which letters the other symbols represent.

Do remember that the clues are quite short, so there may not be sufficient letters for the statistics to work properly, so if ‘E’ doesn’t make sense, try using ‘T’ or ‘A’ instead for the most common letter – Hope this helps.

If you decide to buy and download the Cypher Keys, then I will happily take your money, but I would much rather you didn’t take this path.

If you do decide to cheat then you must hang your head in shame.


Fire Clues

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