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The Dice Puzzles are 3D Printed and made to order, so if zero stock is shown and you want one or more, just e-mail me.

The first of the Diabolical Dice Series and is grey in colour.

A single steel ball bearing is dropped into the ‘one’ hole and falls into an inner ‘cage’, where it can be seen by looking through the holes in the dice.

It is extremely unlikely or damn near impossible that you will be able to get the ball bearing out through the ‘one’ hole, so you need to find a different method of extracting it.

First you need to get the ball bearing out of the cage and into the semi visible maze and get the ball bearing to visit each and every hole in the dice before it eventually comes out of one of the holes.

Each standard edition dice is printed, assembled and has the name/logo laser engraved on one of the faces.

The finish of these standard edition dice is ‘rough’ (straight off the printer) if you want a clean and glossy finish you will need to buy a deluxe edition or put the hours of time and effort into sanding and finishing a standard edition yourself.

As these items are 3D printed they can be made to order, so if none are shown as being available here and you want one, please e-mail moC.s1580278684elzzu1580278684PoryP1580278684@tcat1580278684noC1580278684 and we’ll make one for you and then let you know that it’s available for purchase here on the website.

Dastardly Dice Standard